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Welcome to iCalculator™ AD, your comprehensive suite of free tax calculators for Andorra. iCalculator™ has provided free tax calculators for Andorra since 2019. Since those early days we have extended our resources for Andorra to includes Tax Guides, Tax Videos and enhanced the tax calculators and supporting tax information. The Andorra Tax Calculator and salary calculators within our Andorra tax section are based on the latest tax rates published by the Tax Administration in Andorra. In this dedicated Tax Portal for Andorra you can access:

Andorra Tax Calculator 2024/25

The Andorra Tax Calculator below is for the 2024 tax year, the calculator allows you to calculate income tax and payroll taxes and deductions in Andorra. This includes calculations for

  1. Employees in Andorra to calculate their annual salary after tax.
  2. Employers to calculate their cost of employment for their employees in Andorra.
Andorra Tax Calculator 2024
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An Overview of Taxation in Andorra

The Principality of Andorra, a small country nestled between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains, has a unique tax system that reflects its status as a small, but prosperous, independent nation. This overview provides an insight into the different types of taxes and compliance requirements in Andorra.

Types of Taxes in Andorra

Andorra's tax system encompasses several types of taxes, each designed to meet the fiscal needs of the country while encouraging economic growth and foreign investment.

1. Income Tax

Andorra levies a personal income tax on its residents. This tax is applicable to income generated both within and outside of Andorra. The tax system is progressive, ensuring fairness and equity in taxation.

2. Corporate Tax

Corporate tax in Andorra applies to companies registered in the country. The tax rate is designed to be competitive to attract foreign investment while ensuring domestic companies contribute to the national economy.

3. Value Added Tax (VAT)

Andorra has a version of Value Added Tax (VAT), known locally as IGI (Impost General Indirecte). This tax is levied on most goods and services in the country. The VAT system in Andorra is aligned with European standards to facilitate trade.

4. Property Tax

Property tax in Andorra is levied on real estate properties. This includes both residential and commercial properties. The tax rate varies depending on the type and location of the property.

5. Inheritance and Gift Tax

Andorra imposes taxes on inheritance and gifts. These taxes are structured to ensure that wealth transfer is taxed fairly, with various exemptions and rates based on the relationship between the giver and the receiver.

Tax Compliance in Andorra

Compliance with Andorran tax laws is crucial for individuals and businesses operating within the country. The government of Andorra has established clear guidelines and procedures to ensure tax compliance.

Filing Tax Returns

Residents and companies in Andorra are required to file annual tax returns. The process is streamlined to ensure ease of compliance.

Audits and Record-Keeping

Taxpayers in Andorra are subject to audits, and they are expected to maintain accurate financial records. These practices ensure transparency and adherence to tax laws.

International Cooperation

Andorra cooperates with international tax authorities to prevent tax evasion and promote transparency. This includes agreements for the exchange of tax information with other countries.

In conclusion, the tax system in Andorra is characterized by its balance between generating revenue for the country and promoting economic growth. Understanding these tax types and compliance requirements is essential for individuals and businesses operating in Andorra.